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About Us - A few of our Members

Mission Statement:  “The Seattle Metals Guild is dedicated to promoting educational and networking opportunities for metals artists at all career levels and skill sets through lectures, workshops, social gatherings, and other enrichment opportunities, in order to strengthen our creative community.”

The Seattle Metals Guild is about learning. It’s about sharing information, building skills and advancing the field of metalsmithing while broadening the horizons of its members. Founded in 1989, we are a non-profit community of jewelers, metalsmiths, artists, makers –practitioners and metals fans of all tempers, gauges and alloys– who are excited about the traditions and contemporary possibilities of this wonderful art form.

Along with providing affordable educational opportunities to our members and to the general public, our activities include: a bimonthly newsletter, exhibitions, an annual symposium and a series of workshops and lectures on a wide variety of subjects. The SMG relies on the skills, enthusiasm and energy of our members to power the organization and we welcome any and all to come join us!

SMG Bylaws – Updated Feb 2017

SMG Bylaws Revised Feb 2017 (PDF)

2016 SMG Board of Directors

SMG Board meetings are open to everyone, member or prospective member, and are held the second Monday of every month with the exception of July. Occasionally there are scheduling changes. If you are interested in attending these meetings, their time and location can be found on the SMG calendar here: SMG Event Calendar

To review our annual financial statements or to read our board meeting minutes,
click here: SMG Board News

President: Peggy Foy president@seattlemetalsguild.org
Past President: Natascha Bybee pastpresident@seattlemetalsguild.org
Vice President:  Monica Street vicepresident@seattlemetalsguild.org
Treasurer: April Keroack treasurer@seattlemetalsguild.org
Secretary: Carolyn Kollstedt secretary@seattlemetalsguild.org
General Board: Kirk Lang board1@seattlemetalsguild.org
General Board: Julie Brooks board2@seattlemetalsguild.org
General Board: Grace Matsumoto board3@seattlemetalsguild.org
General Board: Jennifer Stenhouse board4@seattlemetalsguild.org

SMG Services

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Workshops: workshop@seattlemetalsguild.org
Symposium:  symposium@seattlemetalsguild.org
Library: librarian@seattlemetalsguild.org
Membership:  membership@seattlemetalsguild.org

SMG Mailing Address

Seattle Metals Guild
P O Box 70407
Seattle, WA 98127