Symposium 2015

The 20th Anniversary, 2015 Northwest Jewelry & Metals Symposium!

October 17, 2015 – 9am-5pm

Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

The Seattle Metal Guild’s Symposium Committee are pleased to broadcast the details of the upcoming 20th Anniversary Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium. This year’s stellar lineup includes the dynamic designer-creator partnership of Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg – better known as Nervous System, jewelry artist and writer Jillian Moore, object maker Christine Clark, blacksmithJohn Rais and artist Jennifer Trask.
This year we’re back on Broadway in Capitol Hill and ready to rock with all the Symposium classics, including the Charon Kransen book sale and the famous Silent Auction. The Seattle Metals Guild’s Workshop Committee is also organizing classes with one of our visiting artists, so be sure to check out the Workshops page for more details.

In honor of our 20th year we’ve added a few special flourishes across the day to celebrate, with the finale at our now-traditional close-of-day speakers’ reception, this year at Rhein Haus in Capitol Hill. Everyone is invited to continue the festivities and join the speakers and current and past committee members in a toast to our 20-year milestone!


Christine Clark "Weight"

Christine Clark

Christine Clark: Installation Art with a Fondness for Craft and Ordinary Humanity

Object maker and educator Christine Clark will be speaking about her devotion to making and her work in the installation format. With a background that is steeped in craft traditions, she pays close attention to materials that possess a multitude of meanings. She has a passion for working with her hands and chooses steel and materials such as wire, paper, concrete, resin to address issues such as obsessiveness, repetition; the distinctive compulsions of people.

Her interest lies in the features of people that are not connected to race, gender or class, but the irreducible fundamental part of humanity. She remains astonished that craft-based work has the potential to express this condition. She will also speak of her residency experiences with the John Michael Kohler Art Center and the Kohler Company, and at the Ucross Foundation.

Jennifer Trask

Jennifer Trask

Jennifer Trask: Vestige – Written in Bone

Jennifer Trask has maintained a full-time studio practice since her graduation from the MFA program at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Her presentation will offer insight into her studio practices and the ideas that inspire her sculpture and wearable works.

“All of my work from the last 10 years has been shaped by my own profound reaction upon seeing an X-ray of my chest. Here was the unseen, the forgotten substance of ourselves, made visible. My curiosity about the intrinsic nature of things, of organic materials, and my interest in biology coalesced into one question: What is written in our bones? Literally, and figuratively, what desires, ideals, motivations do we carry silently?  Within the science I found a poetic threshold.“

John Rais

John Rais

John Rais: The Process of Design, Large And Small

Blacksmith and educator John Rais will be talking about his design process, specifically how he weaves in an out of the ideas and forms of contemporary blacksmithing. His detours through interesting situations and places throughout his varied and successful career have influenced his work, with it changing in form and materiality as he has created objects of architecture, sculpture and even contemporary fiber art. Rais will give a clear window into how he builds ideas in three dimensions. Alongside his own pieces he will discuss his collaborations on larger projects, which encompassed several studios and working with many other artists.

Nervous System

Nervous System

Nervous System – Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg: Growing Objects

Scientist-makers and technologists Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg will discuss Nervous System’s unique approach to product design through generative techniques, 3d-printing and interactivity. They will talk about how these techniques have helped them form the jewelry, objects, puzzles and and home wares range that Nervous System are internationally known for. Along the way, they will take several detours into the realms of natural pattern formation, simulation, and biology.  The talk will focus on some of Nervous System’s latest projects including a 4D printing technique that creates complex, foldable forms for 3D printing and an exploration into the morphogenesis of plants.

Jillian Moore

Jillian Moore

Jillian Moore: Big Time Small Potatoes

Maker and writer Jillian Moore is a master at the jewelry hustle. She is typically understated about her achievements:

“I have been deeply fortunate because I get to hang out in my basement and play in my studio, travel to teach people how to pour my weird goo on things, sell my weird critters internationally, and regularly bend the rules of the social contract. Being an artist in my community, both locally and within the jewelry scene at large, has become more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to my loose schedule and aggressive internet time, I look surprisingly respectable under the circumstances. I’ll do my best to explain how that happened, when I got lucky, and brag about the rare occasions that I was actually clever about it.”