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Members at the General MeetingThe Seattle Metals Guild General Meeting takes place in early February of each year. This is when we elect new board members, make general announcements, receive a financial report and present awards. Traditionally the Guild presents its Lifetime Achievement Award to an outstanding member of our diverse community during this meeting. Awardees enlighten and entertain us with their stories offering insight, inspiration and often some good laughs. Past awardees include John Marshall, Micki Lippe, Nancy Worden, Virginia Causey, Roger Horner, Flora Book, Seymour Rabinovitch, Karen Lorene, Mia McEldowney, Harold Balazs, Ron Ho, Mary Lee Hu and Hellyn Pawula.

Next General Meeting:

February 9, 2018
7:00 – 9:00pm, doors open 6:30
North Seattle College, North Star Dining Room

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General Meeting SpeakerLight refreshments provided! Bring postcards and business cards to exchange!


Each year we award a Lifetime Achievement Award that is selected and voted on by the SMG Board. We look for artists that have significantly contributed to the jewelry and metal arts community for the bulk of their careers and lifetimes.  In 2018, we are recognizing two winners: Phillip Baldwin and Dorin Meinhart.

Most importantly, the General Meeting is always a time to gather and enjoy quality social time with other SMG members, complete with refreshments. Mark your calendars now for the next one, on Feb 3rd. It’s your Seattle Metals Guild – be a part of it!

Be sure to attend! Friday, February 3, 2017 7-9pm

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Past General Meeting honorees…..

General Meeting 2017: 

Lifetime Achievement Award winner – John Marshall

Emerging Artist Grant winner – Alex Seitz


General Meeting 2014:


Virginia Causey

Virginia Causey

Presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award is such an honor and this year was no different as we awarded the incredible teacher and talent, Virginia Causey. She has served out community not only through a lifetime of successful jewelry making, but more importantly through her generous teaching spirit that has molded many a jeweler.

The Year of Change by Virginia Causey

The Year of Change by Virginia Causey

“Teaching has been my foremost focus for decades. But creating and exhibiting my work locally, nationally, and internationally have also been important key aspects in my life. My art work starts with detailed record keeping in sketchbooks on how I view the natural world around us. Vague sketches develop into line drawings with hints of color. I then continue to draw and write a technical and mechanical outline on how to create the piece step by step. I began this detailed process when I lost the ability to create three-dimensional rotating and colored images in my in mind, which was something I had believed would be a constant throughout my life—surprise. I can’t quite accomplish it any longer so my pencil became my new best friend. I enjoy pushing myself to an artistic edge to create new and exciting work that I then share with my students. Most of my work evolves through a process of trial and error and involves many fabricating skills. I’m foremost a teacher, silversmith, and fabricating jeweler that uses non-ferrous metals and stones. I’m compassionate and committed to passing my skills and abilities on to my students.”


Todd Hughes

Todd Hughes

Todd Hughes was awarded our first ever President Award for Volunteers due to his amazing support of the Seattle Metals Guild through eight years of service in producing our newsletters, exhibition postcards and fulfilling all of our graphic design needs. He left very large shoes to fill and we are so grateful for his years of dedicated service.










General Meeting 2013:


Roger Horner & Melissa Cameron

Roger Horner & Melissa Cameron

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Roger Horner and our first ever Emerging Artist Award recipient, Melissa Cameron!



Silver Cups by Roger Horner

We were honored to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to the charming and talented Roger Horner. Roger Horner considers himself a silversmith but he is so much more. A retired colonel with an MFA in metal design from the UW who then went on to maintained the facility, equipment, and tools in the UW metals program for 14 years. His work is represented in notable collections and he continues to teach to this day. Roger is a remarkable mentor and man. We are truly blessed to have him in our community. We know how much Roger loves hammers, so we were particularly pleased to be pinning Roger with a silver hammer award!





"Cold Handle" 2012 by Melissa Cameron

“Cold Handle” 2012 by Melissa Cameron

We also presented the first SMG Emerging Artist Award. After long deliberation, jurors Karen Lorene, Andy Cooperman, and Maria Phillips selected Melissa Cameron to be Seattle Metals Guild’s Emerging Artist for 2013. The Emerging Artist Award was created to honor new talent, innovation, and individual expression. Melissa Cameron delivered a 15 minute presentation on her work at the general meeting.

Melissa is an Australian-born artist jeweller who recently relocated to Seattle. She holds a MFA in jewellery and metalsmithing from Monash University and a BA in interior architecture from Curtin University. Her studio practice focuses on creating spatial forms using geometric patterns. Her recent work, The Recycled Object Series, is a continuing series of works that the artist makes from objects found at antique shops, markets and thrift stores.