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The Seattle Metals Guild sponsors and produces workshops in the field of jewelry and metalsmithing as well as other related subjects. Our mission is to supply excellent Helen Shirk Workshop instruction and quality content in specialized areas of interest to our membership and the metals community in and around the Seattle area. Outstanding instructors from across the country, as well as local talent have been brought in over the years including Helen Shirk, Fred Fenster, Mary Lee Hu, Marilyn and Jack daSilva, Tim McCreight, Lisa Gralnick, Harriete Estel Berman, and Arthur Hash just to mention a few.

Seattle Metals Guild workshops are run as close to cost as possible so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. On top of that, SMG members receive a discounted workshop price and early notification of workshop opportunities. Attending an SMG workshop offers members the chance to share the experience with other members, getting to know them better in an atmosphere of discovery and excited learning.

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Upcoming Workshops:

Charon Kransen Workshop: Re-writing your own script, focusing on your own evolution.

Two Day Workshop:

Monday, October 17, 2016 10:00am – 5:00pm

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10:00am – 5:00pm

Charon 1 mdOne of the most current issues for artists working in the field of contemporary jewelry, is the analysis of the effectiveness of their own work, to question themselves, trying to find their own way and to make their work unique. Professor Charon Kransen will help us to focus our own evolution.

“So many of us, as makers, follow more the path of working for mainstream taste and demand, often in spite of having studied in a much more contemporary fashion. It has a lot to do with the notion, that in our mind, that is where the money/market is.  Having dealt with primarily contemporary jewelry for many years, I know that is not necessarily true. But as often in life, we live and work with many internalized messages: from parents, family, environment, society, etc. Those messages determine what we do or not do. We call that ‘the script’.”

In Re-Writing Your Own Script, you will learn to follow your true passion and unique talent more than anything else. To that extent we work with questions, exercises, and discussion to understand much better what the barriers inside us really are and how they hold us back in following a path which is much more satisfying both creatively, emotionally and often financially.

Many practical issues will be discussed as well, such as: clarifying identity, understanding the market, taste, developing clientele, working with galleries, how to choose art fairs and craft fairs, how to promote, how to present, and last but not least, we will take a good look at each participants work and advise.

This is a wonderful opportunity to step out of studio isolation and openly talk about all the issues in our field with the purpose of clarification.

Besides looking at the barriers within our self, we also address very practical issues such as:
– what is the profile of your customer;
– how do I approach a gallery or a shop;
– how does a gallery select;
– how do we define success;

“Of course it would also possibly open up opportunities to connect artists more to the international markets and for this aim all issues will be discussed openly with participants.” C.K.

Artist Bio – Charon Kransen

Professor Charon Kransen is a trained jewelry artist, educated in Norway, Germany and Israel. Originally from Holland. For many years he was professor at the University Art Department Jewelry and Product Design in Utrecht and also taught at an Art College in Amersfoort where was running the jewelry and enameling department. This was both in Holland. For a number of years he was president of the Dutch Jewelry Designers Organization. Since about 27 years he is residing in New York where he runs the Charon Kransen Arts Gallery, specializing in international contemporary jewelry.

He represents about 125 jewelry artists from all over the world and has shown their work at some of the major art fairs in the USA for the past 25 years. Besides this he lectures worldwide about contemporary jewelry and also teaches seminars all over the world to students and professionals in the field. CKArts is also the official bookshop for SNAG and during SNAG conventions and supplies all texts about contemporary jewellery all over US.

Reminder: The workshop price is discounted for members!

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Past Workshops:

Wine & Weld
Instructor: Vivian Beer
May 2016

Learn how to weld your own wine rack with renowned designer/maker Vivian Beer. In this 4-hour afternoon class in Pratt’s sculpture studio, we will be learning basic metal working skills such as cutting, MIG welding and texturing. You will be able to start and finish this wine rack project with no previous welding experience. And when we’re done, we’ll put our wine racks to the test with a field trip to a winery to sample some of their delicious wines!  (Must be 21+.)




Jillian Moore

New Surface Techniques for Resin
Instructor: Jillian Moore
October 2015

Students will learn how to apply resin to 3-dimensional objects to create complex surfaces. Resin can be layered over nearly any medium/material to provide a durable, interesting, and expressive surface. Participants will learn about applications relating to collage materials, found objects, paint, and stains to add luster and depth. The material can also be worked further through manipulation in the form of carving, sanding, and further texturing to continue working toward a unique finish. In this way resin can mimic lacquerware or complex glass techniques, but with much more immediacy and variation.




Charon 1 md

Re-writing your own script, focusing on your own evolution.
Instructor: Charon Kransen
August 2015

One of the most current issues for artists working in the field of contemporary jewelry, is the analysis of the effectiveness of their own work, to question themselves, trying to find their own way and to make their work unique. Professor Charon Kransen will help us to focus our own evolution. “The seminars are not about learning yet another technique, but will focus primarily on the aspect of the personal “script” or I should say, re-writing your own “script”.




Vivian Beer

Hot Sheet Forming – Planning & Practice
Instructor: Vivian Beer
October 2014

Vivian Beer, in conjunction with the Seattle Metals Guild Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium 2014, will be teaching a hands-on workshop that will examine the use of steel sheet/plate metal as a material for architectural and artful smithing. Students will learn how to sink, bend, roll, and stretch 14 gauge steel by hand. Each student will complete a set of forming exercises designed to understand the specific possibilities of hot forming sheet steel.




Todd Pownell

Stone Setter’s Mindset
Instructor: Todd Pownell
October 2014

Todd encourages students to bring in their own work and stone setting questions in order to problem solve directly. This will be a great chance for members to learn from an innovative metalsmsith and stone setter. He will provide techniques and philosophy on stone setting in a intimate class environment.




Greg Wilbur

Moving Metal, the Art of Raising
Instructor: Greg Wilbur
October 2013

For talented and prolific Portland based holloware artist, Greg Wilbur, art involves hammering metal in a controlled manner. The art form is called raising.  During this two-day workshop in conjunction with SMG’s annual symposium, using metal hammers and stakes, Greg will demonstrate how to transform a 6″ flat sheet of copper into a seamless bowl/vessel.








Jillian MooreNew Resin Surface Techniques
Instructor: Jillian Moore
February 2013

Jillian Moore is a full time maker of sculptural objects and contemporary jewelry living in Iowa City, IA. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  In this two-day workshop Jillian will demonstrate how to apply resin to 3-dimensional objects to create interesting, complex and durable surfaces.




Tim McCreightMetal Clay for Metalsmiths
Instructor: Tim McCreight
July 2011

World-renowned metalsmith and author Tim McCreight will present a three-day workshop for the Seattle Metals Guild. Tim will offer fresh, new ideas to enhance your current skill-set as a metalsmith, using Precious Metal Clay. In this fast paced workshop, each participant will make at least 3 finished pieces while having the chance to experiment with both silver and bronze clay.




Helen ShirkA Potent Pair: Form and Color
Instructor: Helen Shirk
August 2010

The ability of color to manipulate the viewer’s perception of and response to form will be discussed and experimented with. The workshop will include demonstrations of 3D hammer forming processes, texturing, attachment, and methods of surface coloration (prismacolor pencils, chemicals, and paint). Students will work in copper to develop combinations of form and color that give power and presence to their metalwork.




Harriete Estel BermanRecipe For Success! A Professional Development Seminar
Instructor: Harriete Estel Berman
August 2008

This intensive seminar is oriented to anyone in the craft and art world. We will focus on Professional Practices needed to promote your work and name recognition. This information is applicable to individuals who do one-of-a-kind work or limited production. A leader in the field of professional development, Berman will tailor this workshop to meet the needs of her group. Learn how to work toward success!